Did You Know?

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It's time for more women to sit at the table... the corporate boardroom and c-suite — and men need to be part of this #change!

Until 2017 the needle had barely moved for a decade, and in some cases, in the opposite direction. In early 2016 there were fewer Fortune 500 Companies with women on their board than in 2015.


The good news?

"It wasn’t exactly gender parity, but women accounted for 38.3% of all newly named directors at Fortune 500 companies in 2017, according to executive-search firm Heidrick & Struggles.

Last year was the biggest year for board appointments of women since the firm started tracking the data in 2009." - Quartz at Work


This reminds us of a moment in Canada's history 100 years ago — a movement that changed everything for women in one province... yet the challenges remain the same one Century later (in 2016) ...and there are similar stories in other countries.

Recent studies confirm that more women on corporate boards increases performance and profit directly to the bottom line:

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Did You Know?

Why are more women not pursuing leadership roles?

Currently women on non-profit boards in Canada far out number that of corporate boards at a ratio of approximately 80:20 (NPO:corporate). We hope to see 50/50 on corporate boards in the future.

How do women find out about new Director and Executive C-suite opportunities?

More often than not, when boards are seeking new directors they look within existing networks—traditionally referred to as "the boy's club".

96% of Canadian CEOs opposed the idea of quotas in 2011. What are the alternatives to bring more women to senior executive roles? In past years, this process has been primarily on a voluntary basis, and progress therefore, insignificant—until the Catalyst Accord, and other initiatives.

How can you help?

  • Join the movement — increase awareness
  • Follow SitAtTheTable on social media below
  • Make corporate gender balance strategy a top priority
  • Start diversity conversations with family, friends, colleagues and staff
  • Mentor women in the workplace
  • Commit to hiring more women in leadership roles
  • Sponsor women's initiatives to help them succeed (win-win)
  • Are you biased against women leaders? Take this test