Our Mentors

Sound Advice: Priceless —

We’re delighted to introduce you to SATT’s Mentors. Each brings years of wisdom, experience and skills to the table. Thanks to these agents of change, we’re able to stay ahead of the curve regarding a number of important issues that shape the global business community.

Experienced and brilliant in their own right, these savvy individuals offer expertise to our management team on a casual basis. Their role does not include policy making powers, formal voting authority or management authority.

(in order by joined date)

Don TapscottGil Michel GarciaPeter McCoppin

What is Mentorship?

Jan Hess: It has been interesting to see mentoring become more of a science with formal definitions and formal rules of engagement that go with it. But I would say that besides that very formal construct that is quite effective in many situations, there is that informal aspect where it’s about relationships and helping one another and doing what fits and what works for each other. read more...

How To Find A Mentor

It pays to have a helping hand to get ahead in the workplace whether you’re transitioning to the nonprofit world from the for-profit one, or switching into a whole new field. Most of us can benefit from having a mentor or sponsor at our back to teach, promote and encourage us. read more...

Do Women Prefer Male Mentors Over Other Women?

“If a woman wants advice from someone who has been there, done that, then it pretty much has to be a man,” said Deborah Ellinger, president of Restoration Hardware. read more...