Our Mission

To raise awareness and promote collaborative, competent and effective gender balance on advisory boards, board of directors and executive c-suite, empower more qualified women to take action, and drive the message of equality and efficacy into corporate boardrooms worldwide.

Shaking the Tree

Sit At The Table™ (SATT) is the evolution of amazing people around the globe who are passionate about seeing more qualified women in leadership positions. We work alongside organizations and various groups to fulfill our mission.

We began in April 2011 as a social forum to gauge interest in more qualified women on corporate boards. Within one month of launching the website and social media communities, bloggers, organizations and ambassadors from around the globe began calling to ask about collaboration and events. SATT does not sell products and services and therefore, does not generate revenue. We do however, recommend products and services to members in our worldwide network.

Our focus is helping women in business find what they need to excel in this bold new world of equitable collaboration at the top. We do this by connecting women with organizations that specialize in on-boarding, public speaking, confidence building, corporate governance, information technology, mobiles apps for directors, and more. We invite all genders and cultures to join this movement.

Top Line Positioning • Value

To Inform, encourage, connect, and empower women wanting to pursue Advisory, Director and Executive C-suite opportunities, whether public or private corporations. Our network provides an array of products and services designed especially for this market.

There needs to be more qualified women on corporate boards and the executive c-suite. Although the task appears to be less daunting for men, we support all genders.

Women, it's time to #sitatthetable — the corporate boardroom table.


Note:  Content shared on our Facebook page and other social media platforms does not necessarily equal endorsement by members of SATT. Information is shared for discussion and to raise awareness. All social media accounts are curated by our global team. Defamatory comments are not permitted.