G100 Appoints Valerie Dwyer as first UK Chair for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises

Valerie Dwyer - the first G100 UK Chair | Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

G100, www.G100.in the global group of Women Leaders affiliated to the Women’s Economic Forum, www.wef.org.in ; www.aall.in; www.wicci.in ; www.sheconomy.in ; www.bioayurveda.in appoints serial entrepreneur Valerie Dwyer as the first UK Chair for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.

Her remit also includes sustainability, working towards UN Sustainable Development Goal No. 5, Achieve Gender Equality and empower all women and girls.

Once featured in the regional press as a ‘Troubleshooter’ problem solver, Valerie Dwyer is a Success Coach and Mentor, International Speaker and Best-Selling Author. Her track record includes founding and growing ten businesses as well as supporting and championing micro, small and medium enterprises, and leading a variety of businesses, networks and organisations through ‘boom and bust’ economies.

Her first task of her collegiate approach will be to recruit her UK Advisory Council, a team of suitably experienced businesswomen, and men, followed by a Chair for each UK Region, plus 100 England members and to facilitate the first pan UK Shared Vision for micro, small and medium enterprises.

Her Vision: A culture of thriving Micro, Small and Medium enterprises across the UK with the growth of women’s enterprises, empowerment and equality a key strand and focus.

Valerie is a past government appointee to the UK Women’s Enterprise Taskforce, charged with growing the quality and quantity of high growth potential women’s businesses. Their legacy is the £25 million match funded Aspire Fund. Her role as a Board Member of a Regional Development Agency included Champion for Women’s Enterprise and facilitating the shared vision with key partners for setting up and Chairing the regional Women’s Enterprise Ambassadors Network.

Formerly President of a City Business Club and Chair of a Chamber of Commerce, Valerie is a private Mentor and Coach to other entrepreneurs within her own business, My Wonderful Life Coach. Other organisations to benefit from her mentoring support include The Prince’s Youth Business Trust, Young Enterprise, Shell Livewire, Headstart, MC4C Youth Enterprise, LighterLife and the University of Nottingham’s  Ingenuity Impact programme for Future Founders developing innovative ideas into businesses that solve the world’s greatest sustainability challenges. Valerie is also a UK Ambassador and Advocate for the global One Better World Collective.

Background Information on G100 and Founder

G100 was founded by Dr Harbeen Arora Rai - Thought Leader, Global Icon and Visionary for Women, Businesswoman, Philanthropist, Author, Humanitarian, Spiritual Seeker and Compelling Speaker.

Dr. Harbeen Arora manifests multifaceted leadership with strength & simplicity.

She is the Founder G 100 | ALL Ladies League (ALL) | Women Economic Forum (WEF) Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI) | SHEconomy | BIOAYURVEDA Chancellor, Rai University and Among Top 100 Most Reputable People on Earth (Reputation Poll 2019).

G100 Global Vision: An equal, progressive and inclusive environment for women worldwide.

G100 Mission: To provide the thought leadership and influence on what needs to be done for inclusivity, safety, economic & social empowerment of women globally, addressing genders gaps and achieving gender parity within this decade.

G100 Secretariats are established in New Delhi, Geneva, Brussels and New York and G100 is represented to the UN in Geneva and New York and to the EU in Brussels.

G100 is an action orientated Think Tank, fostering more women’s networks and global groups, and influencing and impacting global and local policies via recommendations to multilateral institutions and groupings like the UN, EU, AU, GCC, G7, G20, and governments worldwide.

G100 meetings are held across the world to meet with policymakers and influential institutions. We believe that if we can collectively focus on UN SDG 5 (Gender Equality), we can deliver on all the UN SDGs by 2030.

The G100 Secretariats collate the Policy Recommendations in a consolidated document for all the Wings of G100 and present this to the UN/EU/AU/G7/G20 and other global groups and international organisations from time to time.

Each G100 Global Chair leads for a sector. There are 100 Sectors and within these 100 Country Wings. Country Chairs are for a specific sector and lead an Advisory Council plus 100 members.

Each Global Chair and her G100 wing together represent the dreams and aspirations of 35 million women. The far-reaching changes will impact One million women by 2022, and 5 million by 2025.

G100 is a non-profit. Membership to G100 is free and by invitation only.


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