Statistical Overview of Women in the Workforce

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Overall the Participation of Women in the Labor Force Continues to Grow8
Women were 47.3% of the total  labor force in 20169 compared to 37.1% in 1976.10
More men are in the labor force.
  • 61.3% of all women were in the labor force compared to 70.3% of all men (15 years and older).11
The number of working mothers continues to grow.12
  • Between1976 and 2007, employment for mothers with children under six years old more than doubled from 31.5% to 68.1%.13

Women's Progress in Reaching Senior Management Positions Has Stalled14 

Men are two to three times more likely to be in a senior management position than are women.15
  • Women hold 34.8% of all management positions and 37.1% of all senior management positions.16

Canada Has a National Goal of 30% Women on Boards by 201917

  • According to one report, women held 20.5% of board seats in 2015.18 
Stats also on Australia, India, Japan, United States, Global more

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