The Diversity Advantage: Fixing Gender Inequality In The Workplace

by Ruchika Tulshyan —

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Close to a billion women will enter the global workforce by 2020, but these women are likely to drop out or get stuck in dead-end jobs without making fundamental changes to their organizations. Author Ruchika Tulshyan explores how diversity in the workplace isn't just the "right" thing to do—it's a financially savvy strategy in today's hyper-competitive digital marketplace.

To be clear, this book is not a feminist manifesto. Gender equality is a human rights issue, but engaging women in the workforce is primarily an economic issue—diverse leaders drive bottom-line growth and high-level innovation for global corporations. But this book isn’t only for women, chief inclusion officers or HR practitioners. It offers insight and case studies on why it’s a priority for everyone in an organization. To attract, retain and promote women, the best companies worldwide have made inclusion part of their entire culture, not just their hiring processes.

Diversity sounds great in principle—the desire for a fair and equitable workplace for all is a moral right. But this alone hasn’t moved gender inclusivity far beyond a cursory afterthought in most organizations. Tulshyan looks at the impact on the bottom line in order to drive initiatives that really work. read more...

Ruchika Tulshyan is an author, speaker and journalist who writes regularly on the topic of leadership and diversity for She was recently honored by the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce for her work on advancing gender equality in the region.

Ruchika serves as the founding editor of a women-run media website, The Establishment. As a journalist, her articles have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Time and Bloomberg. She has reported from six cities across four countries.

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