Peter Gabriel Shaking The Tree Live HD | Women's Day - March 8

Sep 25, 2010 — Shaking The Tree on YouTube

Peter Gabriel -- Main Vocals, Harmonica, Keyboards, Rainstick Manu Katché -- Drums Tony Levin -- Bass, Chapman Stick, Main Vocals David Rhodes -- Guitar, Main Vocals Jean-Claude Naimro -- Keyboards, Main Vocals Shankar -- Violins, Main Vocals Levon Minassian -- Doudouk Paula Cole -- Main Vocals Leo Nocentelli - Guitar, Main Vocals Daniel Lanois - Dobro,Telecaster Babacar Faye - Djembe Assane Thiam - Talking Drum,Tama Hossam Ramzy - Surdo Tim Green - Tenor Saxophone Reggie Houston - Baritone Saxophone Renard Poche - Trombone Wayne Jackson - Trumpet, Cornet Ayub Ogada - Backing Vocals Papa Wemba -- Backing Vocals Reddy Amissi -- Backing Vocals Stino Mubi -- Backing Vocals

Secret World Live is a film of a Peter Gabriel concert in 1993, as part of his Secret World Live tour to support his sixth solo album, Us. The show is performed across two stages: a square and a circular stage, bridged by a conveyor belt. It was released on VHS, LaserDisc and DVD. An album of the same title with a similar track listing was also released.

The film received the 1996 Grammy Award for Best Long Form Music Video.  read more...