The Confidence to Succeed: The Power to be, do and have all that you deserve in life and business!

by Donna Kennedy —

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Having read and reviewed this excellent book this is a snippet of my review…

Discover the truth about Confidence and how easy it is to get once you know the secret and learn how to create your own solid foundation for success.

WOW! The Confidence to Succeed is awarded my 5 Star ***** Best Little Paperback of 2016. AND makes it into my highly recommended, hand-picked best inspiring, motivating, entrepreneurship, personal and self-development books. It’s a book that everyone should have. Recommended for Coaches and Mentors too!

This IS the book that I would LOVE to have written myself! I read it cover to cover with only a couple of intervals – it is unputdownable…

Understand how your attitude shapes everything in your life; explore the mind/body link; people and relationship issues; failure v success; take back your power!  BUT! Be prepared to TAKE ACTION!

Publisher says:

Donna Kennedy can reach people on a level most people can’t. She has a real understanding of what people go through when they lack confidence but most importantly she has the HOW, the knowledge of what it takes specifically to become confident and successful. At one point in her life just a simple task like crossing the road would give her a panic attack. Now she talks in front of thousands of people worldwide.


Many people suffer hugely with lack of confidence, whether that is as a result of their environment, poor mental health, post-recession difficulties, relationship issues, etc. However, “there is very little by way of real help that works in the real world long term” Donna states. “Indeed, research shows that lack of confidence is one of the top reasons people do not live the life they want, both in general life and business".