Study: Companies With Strong Female Leadership Perform Better. Now What?

by Amy Jo Martin, Jan 28, 2016 — 

Do women in business impact the bottom line? Yes.

A 31-page research report, published in November 2015, indicates that yes, indeed, more women leaders equal more profit. More than 4,000 public companies across the globe were included in this study. If you’re not up for reading the entire report, here’s a recap:

Companies with strong women leadership perform better. How much better? Companies that had strong female leadership generated a return on equity of 10.1 percent per year vs. 7.4 percent for those without.

To have the ‘Strong Female Leadership’ status, one of these must apply:

The company has three or more women on the board, the percentage of women on the board is above its country’s average, or the company has a female CEO and at least one women on the board. read more...