Emotional Intelligence Portal

by Lyn Boyer —

Do you want to boost your own Emotional Intelligence?

Do you need EI resources and activities for your audiences?

Do you want to be an EI expert?

You CAN have all of these with the Emotional Intelligence Portal...

This UNPARALLELED collection of Emotional Intelligence content and resources is designed to meet YOUR personal and professional EI needs.

You are here because you know the importance of a healthy emotional life, and you know that emotional intelligence is the key to personal joy and a successful career. You want the best information about emotions and how they impact you and your clients, colleagues, family and friends.

Whether you want to enhance your own EQ, make your organization more emotionally intelligent or share oral or written content with others, this EI Portal (100+ page E-book) was designed for YOU.

I am a career and leadership coach, author and presenter. In my work with leaders and aspiring leaders, I have focused on the emotional (affective) side of leadership. I am proud to share with you the invaluable EI resources I have collected over more than ten years. This information is now available to you with this easy DOWNLOAD.

Review what the EI Portal offers 

The content found in the EI Portal represents hundreds of hours of searching, compiling and designing EI resources that meet your needs as a leader, presenter or EI professional. These are the categories you will find:

  • Why EQ is essential
  • The nature & causes of emotions
  • Learning, unlearning & managing emotions
  • EI surveys (for individuals, professionals & organizations)
  • EI Media (Text, Audio, Video & Images)
  • EI websites, organizations, training & certification
  • EI products & additional resources for personal & professional use
The Emotional Intelligence Portal features resources you will find nowhere else.  Because we want as many individuals as possible to gain access to this information, download is available for an incredibly low one-time purchase of $35.99. More information at https://lynboyer.net/emotional-intelligence-portal.


Lyn Boyer — Lyn is a leadership coach, consultant and online learning guide helping new and experienced leaders and teams maximize their possibilities. Previously, she served as a school and district level administrator and adjunct professor. She lives on the beautiful West Coast of Florida with her husband and two rescue dogs, Sam and Alex.