Sheryl Sandberg, China & Me — A Real Life Lean In Story

by J.T. Gilhool —

A rising female executive at one of America’s oldest and most iconic companies gets the assignment of a lifetime and moves her family to Shanghai, China. As one of a handful of women executives, Jennifer must constantly prove herself to colleagues, senior executives and, even, subordinates, forcing her to make difficult and sometimes heartbreaking choices between what is best for her career and what is best for her.

As her career rises, so does Jennifer’s isolation. Exhausted, discouraged, and frustrated by the pace of change, Jennifer ignores the advice of her one-time mentor to “charm” her male colleagues and, instead decides to follow her own instincts, regardless of the consequences. Jennifer’s intimate tale of self-discovery unfolds as though she were talking directly to you. You will laugh and cry right along with her as you discover the truth about 'leaning in' at one of America's largest companies.

Jennifer Gilhool is the founder of Gender Economics Lab, a professional, focused thought leading coaching and consulting practice that cuts through popular myths about gender in the workplace. GEL distinguishes its solutions by assuring both male and female workers that smart gender literacy rewards participants with career growth and rewards companies with higher margins. GEL goes far beyond compliance issues to deliver business value for all stakeholders. read more...