Board of Directors


Good things are worth waiting for ...

More laying of the foundation. Meanwhile SATT remains true to its purpose since April 2011 when you first saw us here.

Sit At The Table™ (SATT) is a virtual community of passionate individuals who advocate for more qualified women on Corporate Boards and in the C-Suite. It does not have a board of directors, is not a corporation or non-profit organization, and does not therefore generate revenue at this time.

Our voluntary working Advisory Board, Committee and Mentors are passionate about our Mission. They provide expertise and assistance on an as-needed basis. The roles of these individuals does not include policy making powers, formal voting authority, or management authority.

As a courtesy, SATT provides impromptu marketing for a select group of individuals and organizations in its global network. If in the future it becomes a legal entity, and in the spirit of walking-the-talk, a board nomination committee would tap into the pool of qualified and diverse candidates who comprise our global network.

We strive for a team that is diverse in every sense of the word—and 50% female wherever possible.