How to Hire a Life Coach: Why Certified Coaches Are Not What You Think

by Cheryl Hunter, Life Coach Los Angeles and New York —



Cheryl Hunter — bestselling author and founder of The Hunter Group, a high-performance coaching and consulting company which helps people and organizations be their most potent and resilient. News sources such as CNN and Headline News call upon Cheryl to provide expert commentary on resilience for their audience. Cheryl never set out to be an expert in resilience, but while traveling abroad as a teenager, she was abducted and eventually left for dead by two criminals who promised to make her a model. Once she was free, Cheryl became a model anyway. By the time she was 23, she had lived in seven countries, had been featured in every major magazine franchise, and she was the world-wide Coca-Cola girl. In response to adversity, Cheryl learned how to rise. She codified the process, creating an educational framework that anyone can use to do the same. Her framework, which is at the core of the work that The Hunter Group offers, has been profiled by Forbes Magazine, The Huffington Post, Fast Company, and is highlighted in her four TED talks. Cheryl’s training has helped over a quarter million people learn to be successful, self-confident, and happy, no matter what comes their way. Forbes Magazine named Cheryl one of their top four “favorite TED speakers,” adding that Cheryl has, “something very important to teach – about life, love, empathy and reaching your fullest potential on this planet.”

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