Kristen Pressner at the "Global Women in Leadership Economic Forum" in Abu Dhabi

Dec 31 2015 Tags: videos

Kristen Pressner: Women’s leadership – the question of ‘having it all’ - 2015 Keynote Address Innovation is at the core of what we do at Roche. We firmly believe that diversity of all kinds is a driver of innovation because it brings together different opinions and perspectives to create the best possible outcomes, both in terms of individual career goals and collectively. At 2015 Women In Leadership Economic Forum, Roche Diagnostics Middle East showcased their dedication to supporting women in the workplace through their active presence and participation across the two-day program where Kristen Pressner, Vice President of HR Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America, represented Roche in an inspirational keynote speech that made a huge impact on the audience, as she highlighted women’s leadership role and the question of ‘having it all’. watch the YouTube video...






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